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USB Data logger Temperature and Humidity with LCD display

USB Data logger Temperature and Humidity with LCD display

Automatically generates a report when plugged into a computer.

Optional software for added functionality.

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Temperature measuring range: -30°C  ~ +70°C

Humidity: 10% ~ 95% RH

Resolution: 0.1°, 0.1°RH

Temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C (-20°C ~ +40°C) ±1°C (other)

Humidity accuracy:         ±3% RH (25°C, 20% ~ 90% RH) ±5% RH (other)

Sensor: Build-in temperature and humidity sensor

Record capacity: 32000

Log interval: 10 seconds to 12 hours continuously set

Alarm type: Single/Cumulative

Alarm threshold: This data logger supports up to 5 temperature thresholds and 2 humidity thresholds.

Report type: Read by Adobe Reader

Data interface: USB 2.0

Battery: 3.6V ER 1450 disposable lithium battery

Battery life: At least 24 months at 25°C with 15 minutes record interval

Size: 131mm x 24mm (LxW)


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