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Thermoline/LabTech 11 Litre Digital Circulated Water Bath (Ambient +5C to 100C)

Thermoline/LabTech 11 Litre Digital Circulated Water Bath (Ambient +5C to 100C)

Maximum temperature +70°C

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These two circulated water baths (11L and 22L) are powerful and economic. Both models feature a unique in-built circulation water pump and are fitted with digital PID control systems which provide accurate temperature control. A front touch membrane keypad allows users to make easy temperature, timer and alarm adjustments. Temperature auto-tuning function is supported for user calibration.

All baths are supplied standard with a flat stainless steel lid with the option of a clear polycarbonate gable lid.

  • 11 and 22 litre models available
  • Unique built in water circulation pump
  • Bath constructed of high grade stainless steel
  • Economic and easy to operate
  • Seamless stainless steel tank with radial corners
  • Flat and gable lids available for both models
  • Max temp of 70°C

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11 Litre Digital Circulated Water Bath

Optional Included

Polycarbonate gable lid


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