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Thermoline Single Dry Block Heater

Thermoline Single Dry Block Heater

Ambient +10°C to +200°C

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These digital muffle furnaces have a maximum working temperature of 1200°C and are ideal for ashing organic and inorganic samples, heat treating metals, ignition testing and determination of volatiles.

The Thermoline range of Dry Block Heaters are designed to provide uniform dry heating of tubes of various shapes and sizes. The substantial aluminium exterior case has a durable powder coated finish, and is fully insulated. The control is a microprocessor based digital unit with a rapid response sensor and solid state switching of the heating elements with auto overtemperature
safety (Failsafe).

When ordering specify the model heater required and select the optional blocks from the list below. One block for TDB-1 and three blocks for TDB-3.

*The Microtitre Block is equal to two standard blocks and is used in conjunction with the TDB-3 heater and a single third aluminium block.

• Single and triple block models
• Wide temperature range from ambient +10°C to 200°C
• Blocks available for many tube sizes
• Accurate control stability of ±0.2°C
• Handy block lift out tool available
• Fitted with auto over temperature safety feature
• Australian Made

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Single Dry Block Heater


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