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Thermoline Liquid Immersion Cooler

Thermoline Liquid Immersion Cooler

-5°C to +20°C

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This immersion cooler can be extremely useful and simple to use for the purpose of cooling liquids in baths, vessels, containers, condenser traps and even inside tubes. Temperature can be controlled by adjusting the thermostat on the front panel. Effective cooling is provided by a cooling probe.

• Designed to suit Thermoline’s range of water baths
• Ability to attach to most applications with fabrication of optional brackets
• Thermostat control with temperature accuracy of ±1.0°C
• CFC free refrigerant gas
• Flexible insulated conduit with cooling probe located at the end
• 400 Watt heat extraction at 20°C
• Australian Made

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Dimensions ..--2201307---400. cm



Liquid Immersion Cooler


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