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Thermoline Economy Shaking Incubator

Thermoline Economy Shaking Incubator

Three sizes available (400L, 454L and 480L) with adjustable shaking speed and timers
Image is TU-454 with flask clips


These shaking incubators are small non-refrigerated bench top orbital shakings which can provide a constant temperature inside of 5ºC above ambient to 70ºC. The inside plate can hold flasks from 50ml to 2 litres and can shake within the speed range of 20-250 rpm.

Two models have a front lift up lid and the third model has a swing out door which allows for the easy retrieval of the flasks inside. A view window on the lids also allows for users to view inside the chamber without having to open the lid. An auto operation cut-out of the shaker ensures user safety when the door is opened. Two platform sizes available – 300 x 400mm
or 450 x 450mm.

The TU-480 has the added feature of one shelf level above the shaking plate.


Three sizes available with adjustable shaking speed and timers
Adjustable temperature range from ambient to 70°C
Digital LED display
Drilled flask tray for flask clips supplied standard
Optional universal spring tray available
Suitable to hold 50ml to 2000ml flask clips
View window allows users to look inside the cabinet without opening the door
Built with heavy duty shaking mechanisms

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400 x300mm Incubator Orbital Shaker Swing Out Door


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