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Thermoline 250 Litre Gravity Conv Premium Incubator

Thermoline 250 Litre Gravity Conv Premium Incubator

Available in 150L, 250L, 350L,500L,520L and 1100L

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Eight premium models of incubators are available up to 1100 litres in capacity to accommodate the requirements of small laboratories to large research facilities where samples can be maintained safely in a warm and clean environment.

Temperature is precisely controlled electronically between ambient +5ºC to +60ºC. For added safety, the digital temperature control incorporates an automatic over temperature alarm which in the case of an over temperature malfunction the alarm will be activated and shut down power to the heating elements as well as emit a visual signal to warn the operator of an alarm condition.

Connection to a building management system (BMS) is available as an optional extra.
Cabinet construction is grey metal exterior with interior finish of 304 grade stainless steel. All cabinets are insulated with high quality insulation to minimise heat loss and maximise energy efficiency.


Stainless steel internal liner which is easy to clean and corrosive resistant
Adjustable open wire shelves
Digital temperature display with high temperature alarms
Gravity convection (TI-150G and TI-250G)
Internal forced air flow (TI-150F, TI-250F, TI-350F, TI-500F, TI-520F and TI-1100F)
13mm cable/monitoring port hole with rubber plug
Insulated external door with internal glass viewing door ( TI-150, TI-250, TI-350, TI-500)
Internal LED lights (TI-520F and TI-1100F)
Castors fitted for ease of mobility (TI-520F and TI-1100F)
Australian Made

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