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Thermoline 240 Litre Glassware Drying Oven

Thermoline 240 Litre Glassware Drying Oven

Available in 80L, 150L and 240L
Image is TGO-80W with open wire shelvesAmbient +5°C to +110°C

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Thermoline’s range of economy drying ovens have been developed to provide effective drying to items which may be moist or saturated. These models have high air flow throughout the work space which is also vented out the rear of the cabinet via a large exhaust port. The digital controller with LCD display allows for easy temperature adjustments up to 110°C.
All oven models feature a duration timer which can be easily set via the front digital controller. The timer starts when the set temperature is reached, then can operate up to 59 hrs 99 sec or set to continuous running.
The front viewing window allows users to view the contents of the oven without having to open the front door.
• Two speed fan motor for low or high air circulation
• Adjustable rear air vent which increases drying when fully opened
• Separate thermostat for high temperature safety cut out
• Large long life calrod type element
• Door switch to stop fan and heater when door is open
• Adjustable 59 hour, 99 second duration timer
• Front view window

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240 Litre Glassware Drying Oven


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