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Thermoline 150 Litre Temperature and Humidity Cabinet Non-Refrigerated

Thermoline 150 Litre Temperature and Humidity Cabinet Non-Refrigerated

Ambient +5°C TO +80°C (30% TO 90% RH)
Image: TCH-460-SD
Available in 150L and 460L

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The Thermoline TCH series of temperature and humidity cabinets is manufactured to perform precise control of temperature and relative humidity. Internal conditions can be precisely maintained between ambient +5°C to +80°C and 30% to 90% humidity. These cabinets are an ideal laboratory testing chamber for the scientific research industry and is available in
150 and 460 litre capacities.
Thermoline also manufactures chambers with the wider temperature range from +2°C to +80°C or -40°C to +100°C in our S series environmental chambers and TRH range of cabinets.
• Models available in 150 and 460 litre capacities
• Precise control of temperature and humidity
• Digital indication of internal temperature and humidity set values
• Non-refrigerated control of temperatures and humidity between ambient +5°C and +80°C
• Fully insulated to help maintain temperature values
• Humidity control via in built dew point water trough
• Monitoring or cable point access hole
• Fully adjustable open wire shelves
• Fitted with castors to allow for easy moving
• Australian Made


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