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Pinnacle 1081 Litre Spark Proof Laboratory Refrigerator

Pinnacle 1081 Litre Spark Proof Laboratory Refrigerator


Pinnacle Spark Proof Laboratory Refrigerators have been designed and largely manufactured by the engineers at CSK group here in Australia. This refrigerator is electronically controlled to operate at 5°C and keep products in the safe 2°C to 8°C range. The refrigerator has been built to be used in the variable Australian climate, tolerating higher ambient temperature and humidity. Spark Proof design means all electrical components removed from the internal storage area. Pinnacle ‘M’ series is best suited for organisations with a moderate to high turnover of product.
All Pinnacle ‘M’ series spark proof refrigerators feature:
High and low temperature alarms
Connections for Building Management system (BMS) alarms
Static cooling coils such that no electrical parts are present
No electrical parts inside the cabinet
Thermally efficient glass door
Frost free operation
Adjustable/removable shelves
1 year parts and labour, 2 year parts only. All spare components for Pinnacle products are kept in our warehouse and full support and maintenance is available Australia wide
Options include:
Additional shelves
Guardian-TAS alarm
Cable/monitoring port hole
SMS alarm system
Extended warranty – +1yr, +2yr, +3yr


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