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N95 Disposable Respirator Mask

N95 Disposable Respirator Mask

Please note: Please order in box quantities of 20 masks.



  • ARTG No. 332800
  • Disposable
  • NIOSH Filter Rate ≥95%
  • Non-woven Fabric
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ≥95%
  • Differential Pressure (Delta P) approximately 49 Pa/cm2
  • Fluid resistance > 16 KPa.
  • White
  • CE certificate EN 149:2001+A1:2009

Instructions for use:
1. Hold the ear straps with both hands with the nose clip upward.
2. Position the mask against the chin, covering mouth and nose.
3. Put both ear straps behind the ear and adjust to ensure close fit with face.
4. Put fingers of both hands on the middle of the nose clip, press it inwards while moving finger tips down until the nose clip fits the contour of nose bridge (pressing with one hand may influence the air tightness of the mask).
• For those who are allergic to non-fibric material or have cardio-pulmonary abnormality, please use with caution.
• This product cannot be washed. Please make sure to use it within expiry date.
• This product cannot be used to replace gas mask.
• This product should only be used as specified.

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