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Labec 8 Litre Autoclave – Bench Model

Labec 8 Litre Autoclave – Bench Model

Available in 8L, 12L, 17L and 22L

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Labec offer a range of B & S Class Bench Top Autoclaves. Intended for the sterilisation of wrapped, hollow and solid instruments, all Australian TGA approved. Conforms to AS/NZ4815 and European classifications with 3-time pre vacuum preceding vacuum drying and installed with BOWIE DICK test which measures the penetration of steam. The thermal printer is attached to record sterilisation process and is USB compatible. These Bench Top autoclaves are ideal for the sterilisation and sanitisation of medical and laboratory instrument with fast sterilisation times and are extremely quiet. All models come equipped with a printer, chamber rack and trays.

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8 Litre Autoclave – Bench Model


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