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Guardian TAS Refrigeration Self-Test/Alarm Unit

Guardian TAS Refrigeration Self-Test/Alarm Unit

The Guardian-TAS alarm system fitted to any brand refrigerator for added alarm functionality.



The Guardian-TAS alarm system can be seamlessly integrated into any Pinnacle ‘S’ series refrigerator cabinet or retrospectively fitted to any brand refrigerator for the following alarm functionality:

  • Self-Test alarm system (Hi/Lo temperature, power loss and low battery)
  • Power supply monitoring alarm
  • Automatically charged battery backup

Optional extras include:

  • Mobile GSM-SMS auto dialler
  • Voice auto dialler

When a Pinnacle ‘S’ series refrigerator is fitted with a Guardian-TAS alarm system, the following combined features include:

  • Log temperature data simply using a USB device and provided software
  • Record actual product temperature
  • Notification of power loss
  • Self-Test the alarm system


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