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Guardian T Refrigeration Self-Test/Alarm Unit with Chart Recorder

Guardian T Refrigeration Self-Test/Alarm Unit with Chart Recorder

The Guardian-T series of alarm monitoring systems have been designed and are manufactured exclusively for CSK Group, to be incorporated into any temperature controlled environment.

Complies with Blood Standard AS-3864

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The Guardian-T alarm system can be added to any temperature controlled environment to log temperature readings and notify any failures. It functions as a separate system with the following independent features:

  • Temperature probe measuring actual product temperature
  • Hi and Low temperature alarm points
  • Chart recorder for temperature logging
  • Power supply with battery backup
  • Power monitoring alarm
  • Door open alarm
  • Building Management System (BMS) connection for remote monitoring of power loss, high or low temperature, and door open alarms
  • Self-Test function

Optional extras include:

  • Mobile GSM-SMS auto dialler
  • Voice auto dialler
  • Seamless integration into selected refrigeration models

The Guardian-T alarm system’s applications include:

  • Blood storage (meets Blood Standard AS-3864)
  • Bone storage
  • Plasma storage
  • Pharmacy vaccine fridges
  • Temperature controlled rooms

Digital Display (measures actual product temperature)

‘Alarm on’ indicates the Guardian-T will sound alarm and activate BMS switch when needed

‘High Temp Alarm’ when temperature exceeds set parameter

‘Low Temp Alarm’ when temperature falls below set parameter

‘Power Loss Alarm’ in the event of power failure or disconnection

‘Low battery’ alarm when backup battery capacity drops below 40%

‘Test’ is a self-test function

‘Mute’ alarm muted for a period of 20 minutes



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