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Climatron 1100 Litre Refrigerated Growth Cabinet

Climatron 1100 Litre Refrigerated Growth Cabinet

‘+4°C to +45°C (Ambient to 90% RH)
Door or shelf lighting
Optional humidity control
Optional carbon dioxide control
Available in 520L and 1100L

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Thermoline has designed the Climatron® range of growth cabinets to maintain conditions critical for research applications such as Arabidopsis, plant growth, plant production, plant pathology, seedling germination, seed storage, tissue culture, insect incubation along with many other applications were precise control of temperature and or humidity is required.

Specific focus in the design brief was centred around designing a temperature/humidity cabinet that had an easy to operate touch screen control system, was manufactured to a high standard of quality yet remain very affordable. Most importantly we wanted to design a cabinet that would allow Thermoline customers to have their own input into the design of their cabinet by being able to easily vary the configuration of the cabinet to meet their specific research application by choosing to have their cabinet supplied with door lighting, various shelf lighting options, humidity control and carbon dioxide control.

– Australian Made
– User friendly 7” colour touch screen
– Two sizes available: 520L and 1100L
– Door Lighting and Shelf Lighting options available
– Stainless steel internal liner
– Optional LED Lighting options with dimming

• Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia
• Customize cabinet to your specific requirements
• User friendly 7” colour touch screen
• Easy to operate and program
• Stainless steel internal liner which is corrosive resistant and easy to clean
• Data logging and external communication via PC available
• High output T5 fluorescent lamps with protective lamp covers
• Energy efficient red LED lights
• Castors fitted for ease of mobility
• Adjustable shelves and self-closing doors


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